In this stress-filled digital age it’s rare to find a moment for yourself, away from a backlit screen or projected-at-you media torrent.

Giving your brain downtime, letting your mind drift, and passing the time in quiet contemplation or enjoying a simple yet rewarding activity is proven to reduce stress and help prevent burnout.

Colouring is one such activity, both enjoyable, immensely therapeutic and able to spark creativity which can be transferred elsewhere.

Here you can download my artwork to print off and personalise. There are infinite colour possibilities, so let inspiration take hold and go wild.

I would love to see how you experiment with these. Email the studio or tag @loisvero in your photos on instagram to show me your creations.



Download like this..

Heron Colouring Sheet Mockup_© Lois Vero.jpg

Then let your creative side run wild

Heron Artwork_© Lois Vero.png

This is a completely free, no strings attached, download. Simply a fun freebie for you to enjoy.


More sheets coming soon!

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